Rennae Stubbs is a 6X grand slam champion,
4X Olympian, TV Personality & public speaker

  • Stubbs has recorded more doubles triumphs than any other Australian woman—60 from 1992 to the conclusion of the 2010 WTA Tour. Stubbs is the longest-serving member of the Australia Fed Cup team,
    having played for 17 years since 1992, with a 28–9 win/loss record
  • She was an Australian Institute of Sport scholarship holder. She has won 4 Grand Slam doubles titles and 2 Grand Slam Mixed Doubles Titles. She represented Australia at four successive Summer Olympic Games: 
    Atlanta 1996, Sydney 2000, Athens 2004, and Beijing 2008.
  • Rennae transitioned from her playing days immediately into a successful television career as a commentator
    and host for TV Networks including, ESPN, Tennis Channel and Channel Seven Australia. She also worked
    as the lead female analyst at the 2012 London Olympics for NBC